We provide premium quality Henna artistry and skilled professional service in Idaho and Montana. We are prepared to travel to bring you the absolute highest quality Henna Body Art and Tarot / Intuitive Readers.
Henna as an entertainment option at events and parties provides an exotic and magickal experience, as well as a beautiful adornment that guests will be talking about for weeks as they watch the color in their design bloom and fade...
Our Henna Art, Belly Blessings, Tarot Readings, Events and Ceremonies are the best!
In Studio Only ~ Call for Hours 208-353-5612

Winter Hours ~ Studio Closed ~ Call 208-353-5612

Summer Hours ~ Closed Mon & Tue Call for Appointments

Wednesdays ~ $5 off all designs book your appointment early we fill up fast.

Small Design ~ $10 and up  ~ It takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes ~  

Large Design ~ $20 and up  ~ Approximately 20 to 35 minutes ~

Henna Crowns (*Free) / Custom Design ~ $60 and up ~ 1 hour or more ~


Events / Your Location


1 Artist 1/Client    $60/hr              ~ Henna can stay on the skin 1 to 3 weeks ~

1 Artist 2/Clients  $80/hr 


3 to 10 group      $95/hr ~ up to 2 Artists

11 to 20 group    $190/hr ~ 2 Artists

21 to 50 group    $300/hr ~ 3 Artists

100 or more  / Festival / School Event  (for hire) $150/hr ~ up to 4 Artists


* Call 208-353-5612 for price quote.

* $60 non refundable deposit when booking your group event.

* $10 travel fee for gas to neighboring cities.




Blessingway/Baby Ceremony/Shower


Throw the mama-to-be a mother and baby blessing! A Belly Blessing (also known as a Blessingway) is a time to gather the women closest to her to honor, nurture and pamper her. The ceremony will begin with a smudging and meditation to create a sacred space, a bellyfacial and an aromatherapy foot soak for the mother-to-be. Then it's time for mom to relax even more while everyone participates in mommy massage! Once mom is totally blissed out, each woman will have a chance to write their blessings on a beautiful note card/flag that will hang from a ribbon for the blessing banner. Finally the ceremony will close with a toast of warm wishes for a positive birth experience for the mother-to-be! Price includes a simple Henna Design on mom's belly and up to 10 participants. Book your Session

Add $10 for each additional person


Complete Ceremony $375 for 1-10 people includes 2 Artists

 Tarot Readers

for your Event

Book Now! 

Readers/with Your Henna Event

We have partnered with The Moonlight Mystics to bring another element to your Event.

1 Reader with your Henna Event         $75/hr 

2 Readers with your Henna Event       $95/hr

Tarot Readers Prices are Discounted for your Henna Event


Readers/without Henna For Your Event


Minimum 2 Readers for any Event       $125/hr

$60 non-refundable deposit to book your event.

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