We Offer Blessing Way Ceremony

Originally a Native American Tradition... Blessing Way Ceremonies have an inherent respect for nature, spirit, animal and plant life. These traditions direct us to experience pregnancy, birthing and moving into motherhood as a sacred transition. Within the Blessing Way ceremony, we practice being in tune with our mother Earth and the cycles of life. We experience the support of our community, elders, be that our friends who have become mothers first, or our chronological elders. These traditions encourage us to become empowered spiritually and to feel the strength and support of our friends and family as the mother-to-be passes through the gateways of motherhood initiation.


A Blessing Way is intended to nurture, nourish, prepare, support and encourage the mother-to-be.  Each woman will find her own individual way to celebrate and call in support for her birth and personal transition. It may take from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the number invited and the planned activities for the ceremony. Price $375

 Included in price:

* 1-10 women - add $10 for each additional people 

* Mother to be Belly Henna

* Simple Henna Designs for Participants

* Candles

* Herbal and Essential Oil Foot Bath and Foot Massage (for the Mother to Be)

* Meditation

* Beading a Birthing/Labor Necklace 

* Prayer Time and Flag Affirmation Making

* Time should be allotted for Hair Braiding and or Flower Crown Making

* Gift Bags full of Bath Salts, lip balm, Herbal Tea, Blessed Candle for all participants 

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